How To Start Your Home Renovation Project

Prior to renovating, it is important to assess your home properly or have a qualified professional do this for you. You will be looking for any major underlying problems with your home that need to be addressed prior to or during your planned renovation project. This will help eliminate any additional costs and surprises that may arise when renovating your home.

Some reasons that people decide to undergo home renovations are:

  • Upgrade or improve outdated or deteriorated materials
  • Replacing windows, the outdated furnace, and old flooring and siding are common home improvements. Maintain and repair various weather beaten building materials
  • New roofing shingles, fixing a cracking foundation and repairing a driveway are all typical weather beaten materials that can be repaired with a renovation. Address your lifestyle wants and needs
  • Converting an unused attic space into a new living space, building a sunroom, and adding a home office are all common home renovations that can increase your current living spaces.

Getting home renovation ideas and assessing your home with a thorough home inspection will help you to assess the condition of your home. The best place to start your inspection is the basement. Many of your home’s problems start in the basement and it can be a good indicator of problems that originate in other areas of your home.

If your home doesn’t have a basement, you can start with the foundation that your home is built on. Depending on the size of your home renovation project, you may want to hire a qualified home inspector or professional general contractor to help you assess your building and develop a plan of action.


  • Are there any cracks or damage to the concrete walls or floors?
  • Are there any damp spots, stains, efflorescence, or bubbling paint on the concrete walls?
  • Does anyone notice bad smells or experience nausea or headaches when in the basement?
  • Is there a lot of humidity, any condensation or visible mold?

Possible problems if you don’t address these issues can be minor to severe:

  • Serious structural problems could cause further damage to your foundation and possibly collapse the structure
  • Water pressure on the outside of the foundation can cause structural problems and leaks in your foundation. A sign of this could be standing water on your driveway or excessive standing water on your lawn after a rain
  • Odors will continue to be uncomfortable and can pose serious health problems when associated with dangerous types of molds small bathroom renovations
  • Unresolved water issues can cause any future renovations to deteriorate quickly, whether the water comes from building leaks, plumbing leaks or high humidity
  • Mold can grow on almost anything and be a source of serious indoor air quality problems

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